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Traveling / RV’ing isn’t just for retired folks

Seriously Google it… you’ll discover a lot of people who RV full time and they are in the prime of their lives. I didn’t think this was a possibility a few years back, but it’s totally doable and I’m doing it with my wife and kids.

I wish we had started RV’ing sooner in life
- Many Retired RV’ers

That is a common quote you’ll see from a lot of retired full time RV’ers.
Read that common quote again
I don’t want to be in that position, and have that regret.

Have you considered doing something like this?

The problem with most people my age is that they haven’t even considered to possibility of full time RV’ing or Sailing or World Travel… Most of my peers are living a life dictated to them by Society… The status quo… Here is the thing, many of us won’t make it to retirement, so if your not satisfied with the life your living, well you’d better reevaluate before you run out of time.

What we’re doing

Over the last year I’ve transitioned from a Corporate Job, to a Consultant / Freelancer… I’m at the point now, where I have enough remote Clients that I can work in a location independent way.

So were heading out in our RV for 12 Months, to see our country… It’ll be an experience of a lifetime.

Learn from our crazy experiment

Please join us on our adventure, and start seriously considering something like this for yourself. I plan on blogging and creating YouTube videos to document our experience. Please join my Mailing list (on this page) so you can receive updates from us. I promise to not share your information with anyone.

15 Jul 2015 by James Moore
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