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Episode 8 - The Pets of Portland

In this episode our oldest son visits us in Portland, OR. We enjoyed the food carts yet again. Then we bought some reading material from Powell Books. We visit the International Rose Test Garden and We rode the Gondola (Portland Aerial Tram). We took a hike at Portland’s Forest Park where we saw one of the “typical” Portlander Pets. Later we enjoyed a walk across the St. Johns Bridge. Finally we enjoyed some Doughnuts at the popular Voodoo Doughnuts.

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10 Feb 2016 by James Moore
Episode , Portland , Bridge

Episode 7 - A Perfectly Good Bridge

In this episode we travel from Victor ID, to Portland OR. On our trip we stop off to watch the Base Jumpers in Twin Falls, ID. The next Saturday we checkout one of the Farmers Markets in Portland, then we have lunch at one of the many food cart you’ll find here. The next week we head over to the OMSI (Oregon Museum Of Science and Industry), were we tour an old Diesel Submarine and have fun at all the exibits.

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24 Nov 2015 by James Moore

Experiences vs. Possessions

What are the priorities in your life? I’m sure a lot of you would say family and friends… Which is great, but let me rephrase the question Where do you spend your time? I’m pretty sure many, if not most of us don’t spend our time very wisely. Each of us gets a fixed amount of time, some more than others. So you’d better spend your time wisely. Are you actively managing your time?

~5 Minute Read

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20 Oct 2015 by James Moore
Episode , Grand Tetons

Episode 6 - How Idaho Falls Was Created

In this episode we explore Grand Tetons National Park. On Saturday we hike around Jenny Lake to look at Hidden Falls. On the way back we take a quick boat ride back. On Sunday we head back into the park to check out the wildlife in the valley Jackson Lake Lodge, where we can see Elk, Moose and Bears. Later in the week the kids and I take a bike ride from Victor, ID to Driggs, ID and take in the beautiful valley.

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18 Oct 2015 by James Moore
Episode , Yellowstone

Episode 5 - Montana's Juvenile Justice System

This episode chronicles our final week exploring YellowStone. You’ll see the amazing boiling river and learn a little secret about the spot, that you’ll want to know before heading there yourself. We travel on the northern part of the loop, exploring the awesome canyons and waterfalls. Paris and I had a pretty amazing celebrity sighting, you’ll definitely want to hear about. At dusk on Saturday we explored Yellowstone’s Fountain Paint Pots, and Valle experiences the area in a non-conventional way.

~1 Minute Read

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28 Sep 2015 by James Moore