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Episode 5 - Montana's Juvenile Justice System

This episode chronicles our final week exploring YellowStone. You’ll see the amazing boiling river and learn a little secret about the spot, that you’ll want to know before heading there yourself.

We travel on the northern part of the loop, exploring the awesome canyons and waterfalls.

Paris and I had a pretty amazing celebrity sighting, you’ll definitely want to hear about.

At dusk on Saturday we explored Yellowstone’s Fountain Paint Pots, and Valle experiences the area in a non-conventional way.

On Sunday we went to the bear and wolf discovery center in West Yellowstone. We saw some amazing animals up close, and we learned quite a bit about Montana’s juvenile justice system, something we weren’t expecting.

Monday evening we went horseback riding in the National Forest. It was a cool experience we’ll never forget. We were able to ride some amazing horses, with skills you won’t believe.

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28 Sep 2015 by James Moore
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