No regrets, that's the goal

“Let’s buy an rv and travel, what do you say?”

My wife asked me this question several years ago.

“ahh sounds fun, but how are we supposed to do that?”

All I could think about were the normal responsibilities, that most of you would consider. My job didn’t allow me to work remotely, it was a very traditional and conservative place. To go RV’ing I’d have to quit my job, so how was I supposed to pay the mortgage, car payment, save for retirement… I couldn’t really think outside the box.

Job security

I’ve always been pretty conservative in my choices. It didn’t seem responsible for me to, leave the safety of my job, and just travel. The concept was just too scary. So I stayed in my safe job, working way to many hours, carrying way too much stress and living an unhealthy life.

Life is fragile

A couple years ago I experienced a life changing event, a scary event in which I almost lost a close family member. This scare caused me to reflect on my priorities, which I wasn’t actively managing. I’d followed the path of a normal life, the path society dictates: a 9-5 job, a mortgage, a car… I was mostly just going with the flow.

A life of actions

I asked myself

“What if I was at the end of my life, on my death bed… Would I have many regrets?”

The answer was obvious to me, yes I would. Now we all have regrets… but I think there are two kinds of regrets, those based on action and in-action. I’m focusing on the later. I don’t want to be at the end of my life and wish I had taken action, but didn’t because it was scary or not normal.

Take action

So we’ve decided to take action, we bought an RV (named Flipper), and in about 1 month we’ll be on the road seeing the country, experiencing life at it’s fullest. It’s a little bit scary but it’s a whole lot more exciting.

Make your mistakes early

I’m pretty sure many of my friends and family think this is kind of crazy and a mistake.

Did you somehow become independently wealthy?
- co-worker

A few years ago I would have thought the same thing… Well, it might be a mistake, we may hate it, we may end up in a bad spot… at which point we can just settle back into a “normal” life. I’d rather make the mistake now, when we have time to recover. It would really suck to have not tried this, and realize in-action was a mistake at the end of my life.

Just the beginning

We’ve got big plans, Rving is just the start.
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19 Jul 2015 by James Moore
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